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Tony Roome

Name:  Anthony James Roome - Tony


Where were you born and when?  Salford in June 1950

(I lived in the real Coronation Street for the first 4 years of my life).


Where do you live now?  Wapping


Do you have a job? What is it?  No, I retired a couple of years ago

as a manager of a civil aviation company dealing with air safety

in the UK Overseas Territories.


What’s your favourite film?  Metropolis for its ground breaking appearance,

Casablanca for its catch lines and Life of Brian for its ability to offend.


………. music?  Grateful Dead, Floyd, Foo Fighters, Kasabian, Neutral Milk Hotel, Hard Fi, Janis Joplin, BRMC, Levellers, Kokono Number 1, PJ Harvey, Velvet Underground and (secret vice) Pink.


……….. book?  Colony of Unrequited Dreams by Wayne Johnston – its a great sweeping historical novel about Newfoundland


…………painting or picture?  Dali’s Christ of St John of the Cross got me started looking at modern art when we lived in Glasgow (its in Kelvingrove Art Gallery) and I’ve not stopped looking since.


What do you enjoy doing, away from work and football? I love spending time on boats, sail or power – though I prefer things with engines. I am very keen on modern and contemporary art, so spend lots of time in galleries and at auction houses. Cooking and visiting decent restaurants.


What is your earliest memory?  My grandmother’s kitchen/living room – we lived in a two up, two down terrace in those days (if you don’t know what that is – ask your parents).


What is your earliest football memory?  Going to see Manchester City play Wolves and losing 6 – 4. I disgraced myself by bursting a soft drink container (a Jubbly for those who can remember that far back) which exploded all over the woman in front’s white fake fur coat ....... she (and my father) were very understanding!


What’s your favourite football moment?  Mark Warren’s hat trick.


Who do you remember with affection wearing an Orient shirt?  Joe Baker, Danny Carter, Matt Lockwood – who should have gone on to greater things.


Which manager was the best in your time?  Frank Clark ........... so far


….. and who was worst?  Any manager who keeps players in the team just because he signed them


Tony's answers continue here.

Lowstoft 100

Me at the wheel of a Watson 42 foot, ex-RNLI lifeboat on which I had just (successfully!) completed a training course and navigation

exercise off Lowestoft.